Never Forget Where It All Started

It started with a Word spoken into the void. Our world, the stage of mankind, was meticulously formed for our arrival. Man found himself in a fruitful garden, filled with promise for the future.

Just so, our entrance into the Salvation started with a Word spoken into the void of our heart. Through new eyes, we found a firmly established home in the Kingdom of the Beloved Son. What we thought was the end, going over a steep cliff into the unknown, was really the beginning; a doorway into abundant life. The stage was already set and the roles cast, waiting for us to fill them.

And thus we spend our days, learning the ways of the Divine Director and listening to His voice. Standing strong and true in the face of critics and paralysing stage-fright is frequently our primary concern.

But we must never forget where it all started. It was that first Word; the Word which burned inside us with such a heat that we could no longer ignore it.

The God who created the universe in 6 days can most certainly take care of the what/where/who/how/why of our present problem.

Let us choose to look through the lens of our first love again today.


What did God say to you in one of those first personal encounters which has influenced you ever since?


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