The Room – Part 1

I never knew this place existed. It seemed almost impossible for it all to be real. The blank white walls and bare floor were so far removed from the clutter of the rest of my house. How could I have a completely new room without knowing about it? It couldn’t be real.

But as I silently stepped through the doorway, breathing in the strong scent of paint, I knew it had to be true… no matter how unlikely it seemed.

But why a new room? And why was I being shown it now?

Suddenly, it all became clear. This new space was for me and someone special to fill and decorate and occupy one day in the future.

And God was, in His grace and wisdom, showing me that this place did indeed exist… connected to, but outside of, my presently cluttered and busy life.

And He was letting me walk around in it!

Shocked, I suddenly became aware of each step I had taken. I hoped I had not tracked in any dirt.

For it was not time to move in yet. This was a sneak peek, a preview, a chance to take stock in preparation.

Gratitude and hope swelled up within me. My God had plans for expansion… in ME!


Take heart. Our God is in the business of renovation, even if we cannot see the progress yet.

Whatever it is you’re waiting for, there’s always a reason why it is on your heart. Offer it back to the Lord now for Him to hold. He is gracious. He will meet you there.


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