The Imposter

Am I an imposter?

A Christian…
… yet I don’t attend church three or four times a week.

A writer…
… yet I haven’t published a single book.

A composer…
… yet I haven’t sold any tracks.

These thoughts come to me more often than I’d like to admit.

The different “hats” seem to perch precariously upon my head. Doubt and insecurity, like sudden gusts of wind, threaten to send them flying far away.

And yet…
What is a Christian, if not simply a born-again follower of Christ?

What is a writer and composer, if not someone who just… well… *writes* and *composes*?

I am only a sub-creator, a disciple. Making things and following commands as best I can.

The world has already been made in six days. The greatest sacrifice has already been offered on the Cross.

Am I an imposter for not being able to top that?


Doubt, deception, pride, sin… these things came with the first imposter: the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer who tried to set himself up as greater than God, but was cast out of Heaven and sought to bring mankind down with him.

And we fell…
But our redemption was bought. Repentance granted. Hope restored. Holiness bestowed.

I am no longer known by the name of the imposter.

I don’t need to sneak in by the back window.

I am known in Christ.

I am home.

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