Six Years

Yes, it has been that long since I started this blogging journey! 😱

It feels weird looking back. At the time when I first began, I was nineteen, attending a short community college course, coaching a little, and taking tiny, hesitating steps toward working out what my purpose in life was. (Fun fact: “Liv’n’Hope” was originally the name of a pretend bookstore I made up for a project I submitted for the course). I had no idea at the time whether this would last or if it would end up being yet another abandoned writing avenue. 😅

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my posts and encouraging me along the way! And thank You, Lord, for always inspiring me and enabling me to write. You are my hope and my anchor.

A lot of behind-the-scenes happenings have gone into the making of these rather sporadic writings and I’m always blown away whenever someone else gets something useful out of them… especially when a total stranger takes the time to tell me so! 💖

Here’s to another six years (God willing)! 😊

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