Me for You

We spend so much time asking questions like, “What does God want me to do?” or “What does He want for my life?”

They’re definitely questions we should be asking. But anxiety can creep in and very often we can over-complicate things. In the craziness of daily life, we get distracted and forget one of the simplest and deepest truths…

God made us for Himself and only He can satisfy.

There is a beautiful verse in the Psalms that comes to mind whenever I think of that truth. Chapter 87, verse 7 says, “Singers and dancers alike say,
‘All my springs are in you.'”

Here the psalmist is talking about Jerusalem, the place the Lord chose to have His temple, His dwelling place. Likewise, our springs, our source of life, is in Him. Not just in feeling His presence… in *Him*.

Today, I pray that you hear the Lord whispering to your heart, “I want Me for you, and you for Me.” And I hope you are able to reply the same in return.

Everything else will spring from that place.

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