Being the Main Character

When I started writing stories as an 11yo, I always wrote from third person limited perspective. That was the way most of my favourite authors wrote and it was definitely the best way to kick-start my writing journey.

I loved experiencing adventures vicariously (I’m a Hobbit!). All of my characters, while sharing some things in common with me, seemed so much cooler. Their lives seemed much more interesting than my own at that stage.

Astonishingly enough, I thought that being the author rather than the main character would somehow form a safety net between me and the reader. Yes, I created the characters and the plot that they would be critiquing… but as long as I never spoke in the first person or talked about myself, I wouldn’t feel exposed.

When it came right down to it, I knew that it was a silly notion. I got nervous every time I let someone read my work. But it was a few years (and a blunt but fair critique) before I realised the safety net was no less fictitious than my stories.

To write was to accept vulnerability. To embrace it.

So I stopped spending as much time writing stories for a while. Just journaled a little here and there. Focused on real life.

I would still read articles on how to improving one’s writing skills in the hope that I would get the taste for it again. And one of them talked about the advantages of writing in first person. I felt myelf shrink even farther into my little shell. How could I possibly do that?

Long story short, I eventually realised that I have a responsibility to be the main character in my own life and that I do have something valuable to share with others. I am to use my writing to encourage others and glorify God, whether it’s a 60,000-word novel or a 600-word blog post.

And right now, blogging and real life appear to be the main priorities. And that’s totally fine. I’m still adjusting to the sound of my own voice and I’m so blessed to be in a supportive community during this process.

So thank you to all my readers and amazingly inspiring fellow writers! You’re the best! ❤

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