Don’t Leave Your Post

It’s not something that happens overnight: the decision to flee the post that God has assigned to you… and the Enemy knows that full well. He’ll use lies to paralyse and confuse you in an attempt to render you ineffective and constantly frustrated.

Saying “no” to other things in order to spend time honing your craft and seeking God for inspiration begins to sound self-centred and hollow.

“Because,” the Enemy will say, “it’s not even guaranteed that people will notice your work. It may all come to nothing in the end and you’ll look like a fool. So why make such a big deal about something like that? You might as well just enjoy these other things instead.”

But this whole operation, no matter how close to your heart it may be, did not originate there. It came from the Father’s heart. Over the years, it has been confirmed and re-confirmed by His Word, by the quiet whispering of the Holy Spirit, by the encouragement of fellow believers.

So stand boldly at your post, even though you cannot see the result of your sacrifices yet.

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