A Little Reflection

Image from Canva

Witness the silence, the silence of My foes.

See for yourself that I have overcome.

Their voices no longer taunt; their words hold no sway over you.

Those things they said would shatter you beyond hope of recovery,

Did they not sharpen you instead?

Those things they claimed would weaken your resolve,

Did they not make you more flexible?

Right now, after the first flush of victory,

You can hardly believe that you made it through.

But remember this as you return to “normal life” and “normal worries”:

My grace remains with you.

You felt it grow in the “big” moments;

You were able to face the battle with greater confidence…

But it was already there in the ordinary times.

In the daily wars you wage,

I am still God – the Captain of your soul.

In the weariness you feel after a long shift,

I am still the Lord who gives you rest.

The path is often long and hard;

There seems to be no end in sight.

Yet here in this moment…

Simply sit and rejoice in the peace I have won for you.

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