Fear and trepidation pierces my chilled skin like a million tiny prickles.

They shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

Powerlessness and confusion holds me prisoner. Human cells or prison cells… what is the difference, anyway?

They shall overcome by the power of the Lord.

Alone, so alone, in a world driven by computers, phones, and statistics… where is this life people are talking about? Mere existence does not equal life. And why exist if it means the machine of my body is working without a spirit to gainsay the unjust supervisor on the factory floor?

They shall overcome by the Spirit of God.

One by one, the machinations of Man and his fallen-ness will ultimately take their final bow. They will crumble in a heap upon the floor like the stony image of the Philistinian god in the Bible story.

But His presence will remain.

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