Transfixed by Eternity


Moments feel like days, minutes like years, as I am standing here in this effervescent, piercing light and waiting for my eyes to finally adjust.

The things which had held me – the good, the bad, and the ugly – have at last given way to the new. Anticipation makes me want to run wildly toward the future awaiting me.

But what is this new thing? Where is it hiding amid the blinding light? When will my eyes receive back their sight that I may search for it?

Stretching out my hands before me, my fingers are enclosed within grasp of my Guide, my Lord and Friend: Jesus. Inch by inch, we slowly move away from the place where I had stood transfixed and toward the destination unknown to me, yet already well-traveled by Him.

The years I had spent bound by duty and love, as well as pain and confusion, begin to seem more like minutes, days like moments.

For in the light of eternity, which overwhelms us with its precious promises, times and seasons can be seen for how temporary – yet necessary – they are.

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